Mourners @ The Hi Hat

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Mourners is Jarrod Gorbel’s latest gig and it’s fucking fantastic. 90’s era Weezer-esqe pop-punk with a modern vibe. Gorbel and company are the picture of how to start something: four tracks on Spotify, solid social media (their Insta is beautiful with uniform black and white photos), a Bandcamp page, and a nice lineup of opening gigs with a professionalism that belies the $10 ticket price. If you didn’t know their history, you’d think, Who the hell are these guys?! They sound like they’ve been doing it for years!

I love a good three-piece: It forces each member of the band to be absolutely great at what they are doing, and these guys fit that bill perfectly; it also puts each member in charge of a larger sonic domain—if you want a guitar solo, you’ll probably have to stop playing rhythm for a sec, and somebody else is going to have to patch up that emptiness a bit, or not. These guys have it down.

Loving their sound and energy. Can’t wait to see more.