Find Your Niche at the Grocery Store

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On the path to the perfect niche you’ll need to look inward. More specifically, “Your niche should arise naturally from your interests and experience.” says, which means that you’ll need to figure out what you like.

The problem comes when one cannot clearly state his own interests. One suggestion is to to head over to the magazine section of your local grocery store or check out the category listing at Ask yourself what category of magazines you would buy from. Would it be arts or travel? Write down your top ten then ask yourself what you like specifically about each of those categories.

For example, maybe you could really get into the Auto & Cycles section. What specifically do you like about Autos and Cycles? Maybe it’s old cars or engine repair or both. If you realize that a category isn’t really that interesting cross it out. Do this until you have a few categories that you really like.

By the time you’re finished you’ll have a pretty solid idea of what you really like. And hey, if it doesn’t help you on your quest for the perfect niche you can at least recommend a few good magazines. via ezau.