Simple and Sustainable

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This is how we reduce our environmental impact (and save a little money too). It makes life more simple and it helps to have a more sustainable environment. All of these action points were taken from Make Me Sustainable, a great website for managing your carbon footprint.

What we already do

  • Eat organic
  • Go paperless with bills
  • Recycle all glass, cans, plastics, newspapers and magazines
  • Use cloth rag and air drying instead of paper towels
  • Use reusable Coffee Mug
  • Use tupperware instead of Ziplock bags
  • Replace Incandescent bulbs with CFLs
  • Wash Clothes in Cold Water
  • Start or join a car pool
  • Lower the thermostat in the winter; open the doors and windows to let in cool air
  • Raise thermostat setting in summer; install blinds and screens on windows

What we’re going to do

  • Start a compost for food scraps
  • Eat locally grown foods
  • Air dry clothes

Ed:I’ve also added a page to track our progress