Copper Date/Penny Date

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Here’s a fun themed date night idea. Use copper or pennies as the theme. It sounds a little odd but it really gets your creative juices flowing. Mary and I started by going to the Copper Kettle, a local Indian food place. Then we went and made wishes at a fountain, of course we had like a jillion pennies so we had lots of fun throwing them at the fountain and trying to hit it. We started late so we didn’t have enough time to finish in-theme but what we could have done is maybe checked out a documentary from the library or blockbuster on Abraham Lincoln. We actually ended up just looking at stuff at Barnes and Nobel, which is one of our favorite dates. I guess we could have looked for books on copper. I bet there is some interesting stuff!

I got the idea from They send out an email every so often called "Simply Romantic Tips" and it’s taylored for both men and women. They are much more eloquent that I:

Use all the pennies in your piggy bank for a date. Don’t spend any other money. See how creative you can be!

Excerpted from "Simply Romantic Ideas: 150 Fun and Creative Ways to Romance Your Wife" edited by Leslie J. Barner. Used with permission. Copyright 1998 by FamilyLife. All rights reserved.