David Goetz on Hearing God in a Crazy World

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

True Christian spirituality is never a direct route. So instead, you develop a lifestyle of practices that open you up to God so that you can listen to him in the midst of this crazy world and see what happens. We cannot simply use willpower to control our life and our spirituality. > Goetz, David. Interview by George Polcaster. “Death by Suburb? The unique challenges of Suburban Spirituality.” Cutting Edge Vol. 10 No. 3: 3.

It’s funny, my friend Brian just called and this quote was perfect for his situation; it’s perfect for mine as well. We’re told all sorts of things by society: Get a bigger house; drive an SUV ; go for the high-paying job; find the perfect mate. But I don’t think those things reflect God’s values.