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A little note to my codebase about some things that could really improve our relationship.

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My Dearest Codebase,

I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed the last few years together with you. When we started out we were passionate and alive; we approached every problem in fresh, creative ways. It was just you and me—lean and mean. You’re amazing in so many ways: you held up even when you were stressed; you’ve always been adaptable and ready to try new things; you get along great with my co-workers, and they seem to like you a lot too. I’m damn proud of you, Codebase.

We’ve made it through some tough times together. For a while there I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing: I spazzed out and made some mistakes; I didn’t always think things through, and that was pretty hard on us. We’ve both lost legacy code now which has stretched us both; you had some health issues and had to go through that big refactor, which I’m so glad we don’t have to worry about that any more.

In the midst of all this we spawned several more “Lil Codebases” together, which has added a whole new dimension to things. It’s been fun pouring everything we’ve learned together into them. I look forward to the times I get to play with each of them—they’re still so fresh a small and carefree.

We’ve been fixing a lot of bugs lately—maintaining our relationship. For months we’ve been at it, making things better a little at a time. Slow and steady, and we’re doing a great job, in my opinion. Bug fixing can get pretty boring though, so I wanted to make a list of things to do during this slow time in our lives:


For the most part what we do is self-explanatory, but there are some things that are worth a little more elaboration. We should leave more notes for each other: a little note about a new trick I learned, or a problem you’re facing that we need to discuss.


I can get a little terse at times. Other times I’m too abstract. I could definitely try to be more clear. Maybe updating things I’ve written to be a little easier to understand.


We have some established rules and I really need to make sure that:

  1. I am following the rules
  2. The rules are being enforced
  3. Any currently broken rules are fixed


We’re both a bit bigger than we should be and we’re getting slow and a little tired. A healthy diet is good, but I think it’s time for a dose of exercise. It would be nice to have a little more pep, and less bloat in general. Honestly most of our performance issues could probably be solved with just a few changes.

Unit tests

Unit tests are the little signs here and there that let us know we’re on the right track. We’re doing alright, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Maybe it’s time for a date night—get that code coverage up a little higher. Or maybe a little check-up with the couples counselor (AKA unit tests) just to make sure we’ve really got a thorough understanding of how things are supposed to be working.

Thanks for being so awesome, Codebase. I’m looking forward to spending some more time with you—even if we’re in maintenance mode.1

  1. P.S. Inspired by The Daily Post [return]