What Makes a Man a Man: The Secret of Full-On Manhood

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Men like to put each other down when they don’t fit the mold. Hey, I had to become a lead guitar player so I wouldn’t get made fun of when I admitted that I’m not really into sports. Feminists like to emasculate men by saying that “the mold” is common to both genders. In some respects both are right and both are very wrong. So what really is the secret of full-on manhood?

What manhood isn’t

Although some of the attributes are certainly common among men, when you get down to it manhood and masculinity go beyond all that. There’s something bigger that unifies “the mold” and sets it apart from femininity.

What manhood is

As Rudyard Kipling put it, it’s the level-headed, confident, considerate, patient, steadfast, visionary, thoughtful, resourceful, honest, and risky characteristics of a man, that make a man a man.

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