You Don't Have to Ban Guns to Make the World More Safe

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This post has stuff about politics and religion. My perspective has changed

.22 Mark II Ruger

I owned my first and only gun when I was just a kid. I won it at a Ducks Unlimited meeting. It was a 22 Ruger Pistol and I sure was proud! My dad wasn’t too fond of guns so he made me sell it, but ever since then I’ve wanted to own another one.

I like the thought of firing a gun. I did it a few times as a kid. I took a gun safety class, and I went out with Ducks Unlimited once to shoot clay pigeons. I suppose now I’d really only want it as a hobby and to be better prepared in the event of a break-in. I have no idea what kind of gun I would buy. I would have no idea how to go about buying one. Furthermore, I’m not familiar with the gun control laws: what is required to own one, for example. That got me thinking…

I think gun control is often misconstrued as gun prohibition. I’m sure that a lot of gun control activists really do want a full ban on guns, but I’d bet that there are also a lot of folks who just want a good system for regulating their sell and use. In this respect I am for gun control, but against gun prohibition.

It seems to me that following the trail of gun prohibition is a slippery slope:

  • Guns can kill people, but so can rocks. Does that mean should we ban rocks as well?
  • Doesn’t prohibition typically incite an underground extremism of the prohibited item?
  • By what system would one determine who can and cannot own a gun?

As usual, when it comes to life and political issues, God’s truths transcend the arguments at hand and just get to the heart of the matter. In this case it is personal responsibility. God said don’t murder and that’s it. He didn’t say: Thou shalt not own slingshots, and rocks, and sharp pointy sticks, and clubs, and shanks, nor any other thing capable of causing harm or death to another person. Just, don’t murder. It’s that kind of gun control that I want to see the next President enforcing.

Photo by dhall