It's Been a While

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much since I left the Higley School District. I took about three weeks off from working a regular job and found that I had more work to do than when I was working.

The first two weeks I did a bunch of work with Bajooter, our web design company. I spent some time developing our marketing strategy, determining who our clients would be, and getting our website started. I’ve got to say that I really enjoy setting up a business. We were getting tons of phone calls, and had lots of work to do. Even now we have a waiting list for our clients!

I spent a lot of time networking and I was honored at an ITT Technical Institute graduation ceremony. All the while, I was looking for a new job, sending out resumes, and interviewing. BTW , my online job-search resource of choice is CareerBuilder.

There was an open Programmer/Analyst position open at U-Haulwhich I interviewed for and got! I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming post. Just a teaser though, I’m now making above what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says is the average median income for a programmer these days. That’s a huge answer to prayer! I would start the job after week three, the 27th of June.

The third week off I “counseled” at a youth camp in Prescott with the youth group from our church. That was filled with excitement and challenge. I got to hang out with four awesome kids. We did some fun stuff and we learned a ton about God.

Well, I hope that helps to catch you up. It sure has been a while!!