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You know how Twitter has “Retweet” and Tumblr has “Reblog”? I want that for all websites. So I get that outside of these particular silos this may just be called “Plagiarism,” but I really think this could work. For the sake of discussion, let’s call it “Repost.”

Repost could be built into the browser, or at least be an extension. It should be something similar to how phones work. For example, clicking a “Share” button would pop up a list of options to find out where to share the item. It should work for a whole page1, or with a bit of highlighted text, plus attribution. Ideally there would be some mechanism by which each Repost was linked to the absolute original source, not just the source that it was reposted from2.

Maybe some combination of Web intents and Fragments, or just Web Intents could make this work. Maybe not, but I’d sure love to see it happen.

  1. Using the meta description value or some other tag, kind of like Facebook does with the Open Graph tags, but less Facebook specific and more inline with how the rest of the web works. [return]
  2. I’m aware that this could be broken if an author chose not to use the Repost mechanism. This is currently the case with the siloed approaches as well so it’s not a big concern to me. [return]