Aftermarket Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed


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There Will Be Blood

I hope this one goes better than the last one

Mary is going to hate this movie. We started watching it online a week ago but the latency was so bad we had to stop. So she rented it tonight for us to watch but then fell asleep half way through. She’ll likely give it another go tomorrow but I can already see it coming… Here’s a little background.

If a movie doesn’t follow the formula it’s out in her book. It’s got to have a point and it’s got to have a resolution. She’s hated the last couple of Tommy Lee Jones movies because they don’t resolve enough for her. This movie doesn’t have resolve. I love it that way.

Absolutely. Great. Film.

It’s about a dude who drills for oil. He wants to make money. He’s got an orphaned kid named H.G. And, he’s pretty crazy. It’s hard to say much more.

Character development is amazing. The score is amazing. Dialog is perfect. The cinematography is fitting for the period. Nothing fancy, although there are some beautiful shots ( IMHO ).

If you want to see a flick that’s a little different watch this movie.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

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Critics: 92100
Users: 7.210
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Sex/Nudity: 310
Violence & Gore: 710
Profanity: 310