Blueprint CSS Architect is gone

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Blueprint CSS Architect was a drag and drop website layout generator that used a semantic approach to Blueprint CSS grids. I released it in January of 2008 and continued to hack on it into 2009. It was featured on Smashing Magazine, and has been on the list of Blueprint Tools and Resources since at least 2010. It was a really cool app at the time.

As SASS (and other tools) started growing in popularity it became a ton easier to use semantic grids. Eventually I quit working on the project and it slowly went away. Except that I never really mentioned that to anyone. I suppose I didn’t really think many people were using it. Oddly, it still generates a lot of traffic here, so I thought I’d clear it up. Blueprint CSS Architect is gone.

I don’t use Blueprint CSS anymore but it has been super influential on my approach to CSS. The number one thing it ingrained in me, and the thing it did best1 was the typographical/vertical grid. Everyone focuses on the left to right stuff, but hardly anyone touches the up and down stuff. IMO when you nail the vertical rhythm your design immediately benefits. I’ve never stopped using that approach. :clap:

  1. In my mind, apart from horizontal columns/grids [return]