How We're Spending Memorial Day

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This post has stuff about religion and eating meat. My perspective has changed

A little grillin and chillin at Club Earl

Last year we were most likely grilling up hot dogs for residents of Biscayne Bay apartments. I forget. This year we’re spending Memorial Day as low key as possible. We played outside in the back yard. The kids swam in a little play pool we got from Freecycle. We ate a $5 pizza from Little Caesars. I will remember the day as perfect.

On the other hand, Christian and I have been a little cranky. Make that very cranky. I think I’ve been going through some sort of computer withdrawal since my laptop died. I’ve got three posts piled up but all of them seem too daunting to finish. I had finished an entry on Friday or Saturday for today but it’s locked up on the laptop.

Faressa, Joey, and Chris are coming over for a barbecue and (hopefully) a little booze. It should be a nice end to a relaxing day.

I want to know: how did you spend your Memorial Day?

QotD via Vox. Photo by Earl – What I Saw 2.0