I Guess We're Stressed Out

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Last night at couch time Mary and I realized that we’ve been feeling a little depressed and a lot tired. We haven’t had as much grace for each other and something has just seemed a little funky. Thankfully Stacy had provided me with a handy little Stress Indicator Self Assesment Test which we reviewed last night. It was rather revealing and explains a lot. Some of the big, non-work-related life changes that we’ve faced in the past 12 months are (in order of severity):
1. Pregnancy (of you or by you)

  1. Gain of new family member

  2. Serious illness or injury requiring hospitalization

  3. Taking out a large mortgage or loan

  4. Change in residence

  5. Significant other begins or stops work

  6. Change in hours or conditions in present job

  7. Revision of personal habits

  8. Change in social activities

  9. Change in sleeping habits

I haven’t included some of the more personal stressors, and the list didn’t include being involved in a lawsuit, but these events alone put us solidly in the “High Stress” range—about the 75th percentile.