Our Media: The New American Monarch

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This post has stuff about politics and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

After the election this week I just felt bad. I felt let down and disappointed. Other elections haven’t made me feel like this. I didn’t realize why until yesterday when I was talking to Mary about it. It’s because I feel as if my concerns as an American have been almost completely underrepresented in government.

Preceding the election it appeared to me as if every newspaper and every blog and every radio station out there had some liberal agenda. It’s as if they had decided on their position and they were going to run every liberal story and spin every pro-value ideology until the common-folk took agreed with them.
> Dr. Dobson said some Democrats won Tuesday by embracing some of the values held by voters — at least in their rhetoric, but many Republicans walked away from their conservative base. Worse, some Republicans now want the party to sprint as far as it can from values voters. > Pete Winn. > Dr. Dobson Says > GOP > Abandoned Values Voters> . 10 Nov 2006. [Online] > Citizen Link
We have a serious problem when the media can drive the electoral process. All hail the new American Monarch.