128 Questions for New Year's Reflection

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

For me, the word “reflection” carries the connotation of lonely mental acrobatics. In reality, however, I think a systematic approach can make it a manageable and fun way to wrap up the year.

This list of 128 questions should help to create a little spark to get you started. It covers life in general, marriage, work, parenting, money, spirituality, personal issues, and health. Try and ask why when you are going through the questions. You can take it up a notch by forming your conclusions into goals for the upcoming year.


  1. What goals did I have in 2008?
  2. What goals did I meet?
  3. Did I have any successes for which I did not set goals?
  4. Which goals didn’t I meet in 2008?
  5. What goals failed in 2008? What mistakes did I make?
  6. What "life hacks" (clever solutions to life problems) have I implemented?
  7. How have I invested in "life-learning"?
  8. Am I happy with my life?
  9. In general, what work did I do this year?
  10. What did my work mean?
  11. For whom did I do that work?
  12. What results did I expect/receive?
  13. By what standard of Truth did I make my decisions?
  14. How did my thoughts and values measure up to eternal Truths?
  15. What is my mission for the next year?


  1. Does my spouse love me? Have I shown love?
  2. Does my spouse respect me? Have I shown respect?
  3. Have I been helpful around the house? Have I done my chores consistently?
  4. Have I been faithful to my spouse emotionally and physically/sexually?
  5. What can I do to improve my marriage?
  6. What could my spouse do to improve our marriage?
  7. Have I been a friend to my spouse?
  8. Do I encourage my spouse regularly?
  9. Do I criticize my spouse?
  10. Do I nag my spouse?
  11. Do I respect our differences?
  12. Have we had regular date nights?
  13. Have we taken any time away—just the two of us?
  14. Have we taken any classes, attended retreats, or read books to help our relationship?
  15. Did I ever mention the "D" word in my home? (Divorce—that word is off limits!)


  1. Was I a good employee/employer in 2008?
  2. Did I show up to work on time?
  3. Did I take excessive amounts of sick time or unscheduled time off?
  4. Was I productive on a daily basis? Did I slack off?
  5. Was I agreeable? Was I friendly? Did people enjoy being around me?
  6. Did I contribute to the overall wellbeing and productivity of my team or company?
  7. Was I supportive to my boss and coworkers?
  8. Did I perform my job with excellence?
  9. Did I research new technologies and solutions related to my line of work?
  10. Did I overuse company resources for personal matters i.e. phone, printer, staples etc.
  11. Did I spend excessive amounts of time at work doing personal things i.e. talking on the phone, emailing, checking Facebook etc.
  12. Were my clothes appropriate for my position and environment?


  1. Have I been patient with my children?
  2. Have I told my children that I love them?
  3. Have I eaten meals with them?
  4. Have I attended my children’s activities?
  5. Have I changed diapers and burped my baby?
  6. Have I taken the night shift?
  7. Am I consistent in discipline? Am I on the same page with my spouse?
  8. Do I explain everything to my kids? (hint: you shouldn’t)
  9. Do my children obey me? Do they obey my spouse? Do they obey others?
  10. Are they well behaved and polite?
  11. Have I been too hard on my children verbally or physically?
  12. Do I expect too much of them?
  13. Have I read to them?
  14. Do I kiss them and hug them?
  15. Do I play with them and talk to them? Do we play and talk for more than 30 minutes a day?
  16. Do my kids know they are a priority?
  17. Do I give them my whole attention?
  18. Have I kept up to date with their pediatrician appointment and vaccinations?
  19. Are their meals healthy and balanced?
  20. Do they brush their teeth daily?
  21. Have I taught them in the way they should go? (Biblical training)
  22. Have I encouraged and led their spiritual growth?


  1. Have I set up a budget?
  2. How has my spending been? Have I stayed within budget?
  3. Have I used coupons, promo codes, and looked for deals?
  4. Have I made any impulse purchases?
  5. How is my credit score? Has it gone up or down this year?
  6. How much debt do I have? Has that amount gone up or down this year?
  7. Have I paid all my bills on time? Have I been late?
  8. Have I reviewed my insurance policies?
  9. What am I spending on the following:
    • Taxes
    • Tithe
    • Housing (including maintenance, mortgage and utilities)
    • Food
    • Spending and entertainment (eating out, movies, recreation)
    • Clothing
    • Miscellaneous
    • School/Child care
    • Automotive (including insurance, gas, registration, and repairs)
    • Insurance (including medical, dental, and life)
    • Medical/Dental (prescriptions, doctor visits, and dental work)
    • Investments
    • Debt
    • Savings
  10. Have I evaluated my budget and cut out unnecessary expenses?
  11. Have I communicated openly with my spouse about my purchases?
  12. Am I hiding or hoarding money? Am I purposely overspending?
  13. How has God provided in 2008?
  14. Have I met any of my financial goals? e.g. Pay off car, house, student loans
  15. Was I tight-fisted with my money? Did I allow some fun with money?
  16. Did I trust God with my money or was I self-reliant?


  1. Did I pray regularly? (this can mean structured time or just talking)
  2. Did I attend church at least once a week? Did I attend church more?
  3. Did I read my Bible regularly?
  4. Did I tithe consistently?
  5. Did I fast? For what did I fast?
  6. Did I accomplish tasks out of my own strength or Gods?
  7. Did I live as if I loved God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength?
  8. Did I bring anyone to Christ? Did I tell anyone about Jesus?
  9. How have I made "His kingdom come?"
  10. Have I helped the poor, widowed, and broken?
  11. Have I grown more intimate with God?
  12. What new characteristics have I learned about God?
  13. What has God done in my life over the past year?
  14. Where is God inviting me to participate with him this year? In other words, what is God doing around me now?
  15. Did I engage in worship on a regular basis?
  16. Have I been a good representative of Jesus at home, work, church, and in public?


  1. Have I been humble? Was I arrogant? Was I prideful?
  2. Have I taken personal time for myself?
  3. Have I read any books lately? If so, which ones?
  4. Did I continue learning, taking classes, or increasing my knowledge in any way?
  5. Am I satisfied with myself? What makes you feel the most and least satisfied about yourself?
  6. Have I been envious, covetous, or have I been trying to "keep up with the Joneses?"
  7. Have I been self-centered?
  8. Have I been overly-anxious/worried? About what have you been anxious? Is there anything you can do to change the situation?
  9. Do I watch too much TV, play on the internet too much, and play too many games or talk/text on the phone excessively?
  10. Have I looked at pornography or provocative images?
  11. Are my friendships healthy?
  12. Have I cultivated relationships with others?
  13. Have I pursued any new hobbies/interests?
  14. Have I ditched bad habits or secured good ones?
  15. Have I done any of my "bucket list" items? (Things I want to do before I die)
  16. Have I taken any risks? Did they fail or succeed?
  17. Have I been involved in any type of verbal or physical altercation?
  18. Have I gossiped?
  19. Have I lied?
  20. Have I stolen?
  21. Have I cheated?
  22. How is my driving? Do I break the speed limit?


  1. What and how have I been eating?
  2. Am I overweight? Am I underweight?
  3. Have I exercised regularly?
  4. Have I stayed "kept up?" Do I look nice?
  5. How has my hygiene been?
  6. Have I been brushing my teeth regularly?
  7. Have I had my checkups with the doctor and dentist this year?
  8. How have I slept? Do I have any sleeping problems like Insomnia?
  9. Have I quit/started smoking, drinking, or drugs?
  10. Have I become addicted to food or anything else?

Credit for the first few questions goes to Darren Rowse. I adapted them from his post 69 Questions to Ask to Review Your Blog. Thanks for the inspiration Darren.