Verizon Gets Ringtones Wrong with the RAZR

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I was recently trying to get some ringtones on Mary’s RAZR but for some reason (spelled M-O-N-E-Y) Verizon has chosen to make this as difficult as possible for those who chose not to use their service. This commenter on Water Only Dries put it well:

More recent Verizon Motorola phones are disabled for Bluetooth (or > USB > ) file transfer. All new Verizon phones also do not permit user-created ringtones if one imports via a transflash card on the phone (RAZRs don’t have this card option anyway). One needs to get the files into the phone’s internal memory, into the “audio” folder. As mentioned in Jesse’s prior post, email to your phone as an attachment somehow doesn’t work either (some have suggested this work around in other forums despite the incurred nominal email charge …but perhaps this is blocked as well).

…It’s unfortunate that Verizon has chosen to cripple their phones to this extent as $2 per ringtone is ridiculous, especially as it is a locked system w/o other options (even your iPod will play customer generated mp3s vs charge via iTunes for every single song you want to put on the device).

Via Water Only Dries