14 Reasons Why You Need a Sabbath

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

In Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonad outlines the importance of taking a Sabbath—a day of rest. Not because it is some legalistic practice that must be obeyed, but rather because it is beneficial. Here are 14 reasons why you need a Sabbath:

  1. Puts life in perspective
  2. Prevents burnout
  3. Refreshes and restores your soul
  4. It is a natural, God-made rhythm
  5. It is a physical necessity
  6. Helps you to appreciate and dedicate your routines
  7. Presses meaning into your work
  8. Reaffirms the central Christian/eternal truths
  9. Dedication of your intentions to live a Christ-centered life
  10. Allows you time to ponder where you are headed
  11. Helps you to define your mission
  12. God commanded it (yes, I know we’re not under the law)
  13. God did it! There must be something to it…
  14. Slows down the fast pace of life I’ve been practicing taking a Sabbath for a couple of months now and I must say that I notice a huge difference when I do it.