Fred Eerdekens Light Installations

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I am so amazed at how creative people can be. It’s always so inspiring to me to see or hear something that I’ve never thought of before. What particularly inspires me about these installations is the use of, I guess, negative light; it’s the negative space created by the shadows against the wall that form words. Make sure to check out the writeup done by the Spencer Brownstone Gallery, cited briefly below. It includes some really great comments about the “Neo-Deo” installation. If you’re looking for more images of Fred’s work check out his website.
> The sculptural installations of Fred Eerdekens investigate the interplay between light, materials and language. For over ten years he has produced a body of work that utilizes the way projected light falls on a range of carefully manipulated materials – to create shadows in the form of suggestive, yet ultimately elusive words and texts. > Fred Eerdekens – September 18-October 25 2003> . 4 Apr 2006. [Online] > Spencer Brownstone Gallery