Major Migration Points

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Here are the main points from the video on MSDN TV entitled Migrating from ASP to ASP .NET, that I posted on earlier.

  • You must choose a single server language for coding the pages that run on the Web server (in classic ASP you could have multiple server side languages running)
  • There are no more default properties
  • Set and let syntax is no longer supported in VB.NET
  • Wherever you call sub routines in VB.NET you need to use parenthesis
  • All arguments in sub routines are now ByVal by default
  • You need to use script blocks that are attributed with a run at server tag
  • Render functions are not supported
  • Variable references in Visual Basic.NET require all of the variables to be defined (but not necessarily with a type, although it’s better for performance sake. VB.NET will assume type of System.Object like VBScript assumed a Variant type)
  • Single page directive can support multiple attributes for controlling things