One Great Reason Not To Eat White Flour

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This post has stuff about politics and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Mary and I decided a while back that we wouldn’t eat processed flours and sugars. It was a great choice. We are often asked why we made this decision. The answer is, of course, very simple, although partial: it’s not good for you. There are lotsoffolks who agree but in case you’re still skeptical, here’s another voice on the subject.

Bleached white flour is considered a nutritionally empty food, says Dee Mc-Caffrey, diet counselor and organic chemist for the Center for Processed-Free Living in Tempe.

“In the process of turning whole-wheat kernels into white flour, all of the fiber, vitamins and minerals are removed,” McCaffrey says. “So once it ends up becoming the white flour, it doesn’t have any nutrients left in it.”

In fact, it’s so nutritionally void the government requires manufacturers of white flour to add synthetic vitamins.

“The reason why this is so harmful is because in the original wheat kernel, there’s about 100 different vitamins and minerals,” she says. “When you take all those out and then just add back in tiny amounts of isolated vitamins, it doesn’t provide everything your body needs to properly digest the wheat.”

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