Here's Why We Don't Have any Furniture in Our House

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Assembled Throne Room Qing Dynasty Throne and Footrest 19th century CE Screen 18th century CE Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 2

For years Mary and I have purchased “interim” furnishings for our house. A $100 bookshelf. A $50 chair. A $25 picture and frame. But recently we’ve decided to end this streak by purchasing this 19th Century Qing Dynasty Throne and Footrest and 18th century screen from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. It was a steal at only $14.5 million…

Just kidding about the throne room. But really we’ve spent years buying crappy furniture. Our initial thought was that we’d just get what we needed in the interim—something to hold us off until we had enough money saved up to get what we really wanted. Something quality, that would last for a long time. The problem is that because we had the interim furniture we didn’t feel as if we needed the good furniture. We just weren’t moving up like we had planned all along.

A Broken Chair

I remember once when we had a bunch of folks over at our house for a church function. This poor guy, Mark, sat down on one of our “interim” chairs. He started rocking a little bit on the back legs and BAM the chair exploded into a million pieces, embarrassing him and us. That’s when we decided to start investing in quality furniture rather than temporary stuff.

Several years ago we got a nice Temperpedic bed, and shortly thereafter we bought a really nice table for the kitchen. And then with Christian coming we bought a nice rocking chair that should outlast us both. But that’s really it. It’s amazing though, the difference.

So with this new house we purged ourselves of most of the temporary furniture we had collected over the years in favor of an empty home. That’s right. No couch, no love seat, no TV. Nothing really. Not until we can afford to buy exactly what we want—something that will last for a long time to come. Yes, it’s hard to not have a place to sit. But we feel the need. I guess you could call it a lifehack or an investment strategy, but it certainly isn’t something you see too often in this world of credit cards and instant gratification.

We’ve chosen to wait.L

Photography by Mary Harrsch and Tom Clifton