Biblical Words for the Bedroom (Warning: Adult Content)

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

It’s lame that Christians have been relegated to using technical terms for sex. We typically try to avoid those crass or derogatory terms for sexual organs but that just doesn’t leave us with much. Mary found this fun article about some biblical words worth using in the bedroom.

Sexy talk was in the Bible long before the pornographers crafted the first four-letter word. In other words, Christians had a vocabulary for sex before the Puritans or pornographers started messing up the works. We have only to avail ourselves of these words. Below is a glossary of biblical images for sexuality. Use it with your wife to be sexy and fun, use it to have fun discussions with other men, and use it to make talking about sex a lot less awkward.

  • > apples:> testicles
  • > clusters (of the palm):> breasts
  • > dew:> male sexual secretions
  • > entering the garden:> sexual intercourse
  • > fawns:> breasts
  • > feed among the lilies:> oral sex or sexual kissing
  • > foxes:> interruptions or obstacles to sex
  • > fruit:> genitals, male or female (usually female)
  • > garden:> vulva and vagina
  • > garden of nuts:> penis and testicles
  • > gazelle:> penis
  • > know/knowing/known:> sexual intercourse
  • > lovesick:> horny
  • > mountains:> breasts
  • > myrrh:> female sexual secretions
  • > orchard of pomegranates:> vulva and vagina
  • > palm:> woman’s body
  • > pleasant fruits:> pleasure coming from the vagina—the Song [of Solomon] likens entering the garden to entering paradise
  • > round goblet:> vulva
  • > stag:> penis, sometimes the whole male body
  • > towers:> breasts
  • > twins of a gazelle:> breasts
  • > vine:> penis, sometimes the whole body
  • > vineyard:> the woman’s body or genitals
  • > wine:> symbol of erotic pleasure