Doc says they were Cavalier

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I take a prescription medication every day. I don’t want to say what it is but let us just say it is not your average run-of-the-mill shot of Pepto-Bismol. Not taking it could have a potentially harmful effect on me. This weekend, for the first time since I have started taking the medication, I forgot it. Actually, I forgot to renew my prescription.
Consequently, I went the weekend without it. That was my stupid fault. I did not notice any ill effects on Friday. I called in my prescription on Saturday morning but did not pick it up until today, Monday.

By Saturday evening, I was feeling very dizzy. This dizziness progressed and got worse. I did not get vertigo or end up in the hospital (yet) thank God. As I said, I managed to get my prescription filled today. However, something else really got me frightened.

Monday I called the Doctor about the dizziness at around 9 am. They were supposed to return my call. I would assume that they would call back soon. Of course, I really had no idea if it was actually my medication causing the dizziness. To my dismay, they did not call back by 10, so I called and left a message. 11 am, noon, one, and two pm went by and sure enough no phone call.

I was busy so I waited longer and still no call. I got home at five pm and Mary mentioned that they called at home, but of course could give no details due to HIPPA . I was a little worried, so I gave them a call. The receptionist had no idea what was coming.

I immediately launched into the fact that they had left a man an entire day suffering from extreme dizziness likely due to missing over two days of his very important medication. She gave me the tired line: we were following procedure and this was marked as a high priority.

I shot back something about malpractice. She said that maybe I should go to an emergency clinic. Quickly I replied that I would not have had to spend extra money at an emergency clinic if they had returned my phone call in a decent amount of time.

She then told me that the Doctor had prescribed me some anti-dizziness medication. The doctor does not even know what is going on with me. I am positive that dizziness is a very bad sign for at least oh 700 other potentially life-threatening ailments. I cannot believe that they would just send me a script for whatever I mentioned when I called.

The receptionist of course had no idea what to do with me now. She said she was trying to schedule an appointment with me. I said, “Do I even need to come in? How does anybody know there? Nobody has talked with me.” I mentioned that I just needed to talk with a Doctor regarding the potential cause to determine if I can wait it out, come in tomorrow, or if I should go to an emergency clinic right now.

Finally, she conceded and said she would create another note for the doctor to call me. She said she would place it on high-priority again. I could not believe that so I said “What like last time? I hope she’ll get back to me within the next 8 hours.”

We eventually got off the phone and the Doctor called me back an hour or so later. He admitted that they—at this particular clinic, I am assuming—sometimes get a little “cavalier” about their returned calls and diagnoses. I appreciated that and considered the situation resolved. He went through all my symptoms and was able to assure me that I was going to be fine within a few days.

Was this scenario malpractice? Why will a Doctor just hand out medication at a patient’s suggestion without any understanding of what may be happening. Don’t you think that doctors and clinics in general tend to be a little cavalier?