A Home That Inspires

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I was reading yesterday about a housing trend that is beginning to develop where folks are focusing more on the quality of their space, rather than the quantity. Since we made the decision to move into an apartment I’ve been enjoying the thought of redecorating. I’ve been excited about the opportunity to sell some of our furniture and swap it for some new stuff. I’ve also been excited about trying some new colors—our standard earthy, beige/green/maroon thing is getting a little tired. So this idea of creating quality space was especially appealing and has really helped me to make the best out of downsizing (even though I have never been unhappy about it).

At the forefront of the movement advocating smaller, more efficient and better-designed homes is > Sarah Susanka> , a British-born architect now based in Raleigh, N.C. Susanka started a mini-revolution eight years ago with the publication of “The Not So Big House,” which became a bestseller on the strength of its simple, sensible message: Bigger is not necessarily better; quality trumps quantity of space; and > houses should nurture and inspire rather than impress.> [Emphasis added] > Hannah Bloch. > Size Matters: Living large in a smaller home> . 17 Aug 2006. [Online] > Angie’s List> .

As a fan of the Less-is-More approach this concept really appeals to me. In fact, I’ve always really enjoyed the challenge of constraining myself for the sake of creativity. A good example of this is the sketches that I’ve been posting in our gallery. All I use is a marker—no color, no backgrounds, just a good old-fashioned line drawing on a white piece of paper.

She [Sarah Susanka] observes that Americans are prone to equate large size with superiority — whether in homes, cars or food portions. “‘Better’ in our culture is synonymous with ‘bigger,‘” she says. “There’s no value put on quality or character. > But if it’s just a quantity of space, it’s not going to feel good. It has to make you feel comfortable and at home.> ” [Emphasis added] > Hannah Bloch. > Size Matters: Living large in a smaller home> . 17 Aug 2006. [Online] > Angie’s List> .

So I think it will be a lot of fun to restrain ourselves in the adornment of our new dwelling. By starting from scratch, like a blank white piece of paper, we have the opportunity to really create an inspiring home that is efficient, organized, and creative—a home that we can really enjoy for the years to come.