The TSA is now running the transportation business with the help of their scanner-turned-teleporter, the EM3. Step right up and get a copy... of yourself.

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It’s the same old drill. The TSA managed to gain widespread acceptance of full body scanners, even going as far as adding chemical and molecular analysis to the mix. That last bit was how they ended up in the entanglement business.

A few scientists cracked the code for modern teleportation by getting atoms to copy each other (that state is called entanglement). At first it was only possible from a few feet away, but long distances were made possible by the EM3 , which simply scans atoms in the remote location and induces the process. Venture capitalists meet scientists and transportation is changed forever.

Fast forward a few years: EM3 ’s make their way into a few celebrity homes which are promptly hacked to allow unapproved entanglement. You get a few crazy fans running around naked in Rihanna’s house and the TSA steps in to regulate. So now you have to go to an EcoLo—a sort of bus stop for entanglement, and yes you will be scanned. Price is based on bandwidth, so it costs more if you’re overweight or if you’re going to be copied over long distances.

I’m standing at the ticket booth right now. It’ll be my first copy so I’d better make it good.

“I’ve been tossing around a few ideas,” I tell my girlfriend. She’s looking back at me through her black and white glasses, blonde hair covers part of her left eye. “It’s between seeing the kids in Florida, or heading up north to see my folks…or maybe we could head over to Italy for the weekend.”

Her eyes light up at the prospect of Italy, but she already knows where I’m headed.

“I’ll take a ticket to Florida,” I tell the slender man in the booth. Coffee colored skin, aging. He’s got a pair of bifocals hanging around his neck with what looks like a ceiling fan pull chain.

“I’ve lost these things so many damn times. Step on the scale sir…okay looks like the total comes to $53.04.” And I’m off to the full body scanner. In a few short moments I’ll be seeing my little one’s for the first time in almost two years…