T's Me: The Dark and Scary Underworld of T-Shirts

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My wardrobe has become dangerously low on t-shirts lately so I took to the Interwebz in search of some new ones. There I was met with many frightful things. Here is my true account of the happenings which followed…

Vampires and Zombies

Seibei Patch

While on the road to non-nakedness I happened upon Seibei, an retailer of all things cute+cuddly+zombie-horror. How great. I immediately wanted to buy the patch, but then I decided if I had a choice I’d rather take the Sandwich Dinosaur.

Seibei Dinosaur

Green Mushrooms

1 Up

Now I’m not one to eat green mushrooms but since I was on an epic journey to hide my blinding white nakedness from public view I decided I could wear a mushroom. But not just any mushroom, the one and only 1UP mushroom. I actually bought this one (on eBay) and I’m waiting for it to arrive.

Extra Sensory Music Perception ( ESMP )


A dark secret I learned while on my quest was the art of ESMP . Well not really. But if I had, I would wear this shirt from Threadless. Also if I had money, I would get this shirt. But I don’t, so I will have to stick with simply imagining it… But if I didn’t have to imagine having money or ESMP I would probably enjoy sporting my musical arrogance with the shirt. I don’t think that made any sense. Part of the dark magic at work I guess.

Under the Radar


I suppose when you have all these extrahuman skills and mushrooms and zombies on the trail you need to stay under the Radar. Luckily I was able to pick up a free t-shirt by replying to the kind folks at Radar. how cool. It’s a great looking shirt, and I’ll definitely be giving their service a shot.

This is the end


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