Be a Nice Geek Today

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It’s hard not to be a stupid geek. And by stupid geek I mean a smart geek who treats people poorly. Jeff Atwood points out that as a smart geek it’s important to reach out to the other folks and evangelize the latest and greatest stuff—new methods of doing things, best practices, etc. “Old-school” geeks (e.g. Nick Burns) are really detrimental to the growth of a specific technology in that their poor attitudes or lack of tact can leave a bad taste in others’ mouths.

I often think we’re wasting our time writing blogs which are largely read by the same 20%. In my experience, there’s precious little trickle-down effect from the alpha programmers to everyone else. And if there is, it takes decades. If you > really> want to change the software development status quo, if you want to make a difference this year, you have to help us reach outside our insular little group of alpha programmers and > effect change in the other 80% of the world.> And that is far, far more difficult than preaching to the converted 20%.

Ed. The video was taken down from YouTube so I removed it here.