What Next? This May Take a While...

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

When my in-laws were here this past week they made a point about how we need to start thinking about what we’re going to do when our commitment is up with Apartment Life (they give us a significant discount on our rent). It’s a good point, and something we really should start considering. But where do you start?

Let’s think about raising kids alone. In The Top 10 Places To Raise Kids, Andrew Schiller said that a “quality-rated public school in and of itself … does not necessarily make a good town or community to raise children.” So what does?

RealEstateJournal outlines the six attributes that Schiller considered when determining whether a place is good to raise the young-uns:

  1. Good schools
  2. Low crime rates
  3. High homeownership rates
  4. High numbers of residents with college degrees
  5. Families with children
  6. Single-family homes But it’s still not that easy, or we’d all live in Boston (apparently). Some other considerations for us would include the presence of a good church, what kids do in their free-time, how far it is from a major metro area, and how far it is from family. Most importantly for us is, what does God want us to do?

I’m just baffled at the perplexity of the simple question “what next?” How does a young family just plain decide what they’ll do with their life? Can anyone actually be expected to just make this kind of decision? If you’ve made this kind of move before how did _you_do it?

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