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My Truck's Broken Window

Someone smashed the window out of my truck two nights ago. Nothing was stolen. Not even the disc-changer. It didn’t seem like an attack against me personally. In fact, it mostly appeared like someone got angry and took it out on my poor elderly vehicle. Or maybe it was just a couple of bored teenagers looking for something to do.

It reminds me of when I was a kid. I remember one summer my best friend and I egged the house of one of the most popular s in the school…every weekend until summer was over. Or the time when my best friend and I realized that the elementary school’s windows were made of plexi-glass: we tried everything we could to break them from probably more than an hour. I don’t know why. Another time I shot my parents boom-box witha BB-Gun and then sawed it in half with a – aw.

What is it that drives kids to do such awful and irresponsible things? I mean, it doesn’t seem at all uncommon. It’s as if all children have this inner urge to just destroy everything—to try the silliest and most dangerous stunts that they can think of. I don’t think we’ll ever know…I just wish that someone would replace my window.