Great Ideas: Five Simple Steps

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The landing page for Five Simple Steps is awesome. I especially love the typography. Check out the headings (h4s). They’re not bold and they’re lighter than the body copy. How does it work as a heading then? Two things: whitespace and font-size. There are a couple of ems above each heading and the headings are a little bigger than the main text. That’s great!

I love the details. The links match the buttons. And the button hovers match the link hovers.

The last thing I want to point out is the F shape. Nielsen has pounded it into us that users view pages in an F shape. In this case the F is the headline, sub-headline, book cover, and purchase button. That is pretty much what everyone wants to see first thing. The details are below for those interested enough to keep reading.

Excellent website. Here’s a screenshot.

Five Simple Steps

Update: Fixed old link