Artist Linkup: Bill Brown, Tea Party Studio, Mulheres Barbadas

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Bill Brown - Beach House

Bill Brown is a fantastic artist. I absolutely love his illustrations. He really captures moments that spark your imagination. I wonder if those prim and proper ladies are going to get splashed by the two kids about to hit the water. I wonder if the man in the hammock is going to get in trouble for not watching the children…

Tea Party Studio - Petal

I guess I’m featuring some more abstract stuff today. Tea Party Studio creates some really fun scenarios in their illustrations. The characters are certainly odd, but then again, that’s what makes it so fun.

Mulheres Barbadas

Here’s something that’s a little different than my usual. The artwork of Mulheres Barbadas is strange but compelling. You can look at it for a while without getting tired. I keep finding stuff that I didn’t see at first. Huh.