Why Must Every Boy Destroy Things?

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A house with TP hanging from the trees

I remember one summer my best friend and I egged the house of one of the most popular girls in the school, every weekend until summer was over. Or the time when he and I realized that the elementary school’s windows were made of Plexi-glass. We threw ourselves at them for nearly an hour just for the fun of it. Another time brought my parent’s portable stereo outside. And then I shot it with my BB gun and sawed it in half with a hack saw.

At one point during my life I perfected the art of stink bomb manufacture. My sister and I would randomly mix chemicals from my dad’s garage in a Ziplock back and then throw it over the fence into our neighbor’s yard. I tried making every “bomb” I heard my friends talking about e.g. a tennis ball filled with matches, something about throwing battery acid, napalm, and even a cocktail bomb.

As I got older I graduated to bigger and better stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I TP’ed my pastor’s house. One time some friends and I actually suspended his garbage can from the trees in his front yard. Yet another time I remember saran wrapping his car and forking his lawn.

What is it that drives a boy to do such things? I mean, it doesn’t seem at all uncommon. It’s as if we have this inner urge to just break stuff and to do the silliest and most dangerous stunts we can think of. I can’t explain it, so I thought I’d just revel in it. What are some of your childhood stories?

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Photo by kngofwrld