Do Your Clothes Fit?

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I just tried on my new Go Daddy work shirt. I really like it, and it looks good but something felt a little off. After a little searching I found this nice guide to fitting your clothes over at Ask Men. There were a couple of tips that I found really helpful:

  • Dress shirts tend to shrink after a few washings, so before buying and getting a shirt tailored, make sure the sleeve is slightly longer in order to counteract any eventual shrinkage.
  • If the shirt’s seams meet at the shoulder, you know it fits quite well.

And if you’re fitting up some pants you’ll need to keep these things in mind:

There are three basic jean styles: regular, relaxed and loose.

  • > Regular fit is as the name implies; traditional and somewhat slim-fitting.
  • > Relaxed fit features an extra half-inch in the butt.
  • > Loose fit includes anywhere between one and four inches of additional fabric in the butt and thigh.