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A posting on the official Google Enterprise Blog dated March 30th (http://goo.gl/uNRqL) stated that Google Profiles and the +1 button would be coming to Google Apps users within a few weeks. Since then, there has been no release posting or even more information on it. Being as there are multiple services that are tied to Google Profiles, and those services are not accessible to us because we don’t have Google Profiles, we are still at a loss for using Google Apps as opposed to a standard single Google account. —Mr. Android

I’m tired of being a 2nd class Google Citizen. You see, I’m a Google Apps user and Google Apps users do not get the same treatment that regular Gmail users get. With the release of Google+ the whole mess is underscored, bolded, and blinking in bright neon colors. You see, we don’t have Profiles, and if you don’t have a Profile, you don’t get the fun. That means no Buzz, and no Google+ :-(

And I’m not the only one. Check out the comments thread on TechCrunch, or one of the many discussions on the Google Apps forum. Or if you want some real time bitching do a search on Twitter. Apps user’s aren’t happy.What’s really making this into a PR issue for Google is that they aren’t saying a damn word about it. There are no updates on any of their blogs and nothing on the Google Apps release calendar. So hear I am adding to the bubbling Google Apps Profile riot in hopes that they’ll use some of their incredible engineers to do the unthinkable: stop alienating Google Apps users. /rant 1

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  1. That said, I switched over to a normal Google account and I love it. Leave the Apps accounts for Businesses. I want to be on the cutting edge baby! [return]