Madelife, Parenting, and Pregnancy

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Madeline is just beautiful and she is growing up so fast. Just last week she started crawling—well I guess it’s more like flopping: left hand, right knee, right arm, flop, and repeat. But it’s so cute, and it’s great to see what she’s interested in. She currently loves cords, I guess most children do.

She’s also been pulling herself up to a stand. This one can be a little scary because she’s so wobbly. She loves it though, even when she loses her balance and falls over. We lowered her crib last night because she’s been pulling herself up on the side. Once she was up the rail was only at her belly. Now it’s well over her head, whew!

Madeline is very high spirited. We usually know exactly what it is that she wants; whether it is to be held, to eat, or to play she always lets us know with a hearty yell or a heart-wrenching cry.

It’s a fun stage right now. Mary and I are warming up to being parents. It’s a little more natural and a little less difficult to give up personal time or make sacrifices in order to care for her. The fact that we don’t have a regular date night anymore is a bit difficult but Aunt Faressa has offered to spend time with her on Tuesday mornings. We are so happy that Faressa wants to be involved in Madeline’s life.

Mary’s pregnancy is going well. Once again she is the perfect pregnant woman. She rarely complains and always talks about what a joy it is to be pregnant. We’re so excited to see our little boy, Christian David. He’s due in April towards the end of the month and we’re just praying and praying that he will be full term and head down.