It's a Maddie!

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

It’s likely that you already know about our little surprise. But I thought I’d still chime in and maybe get some of the details that Mary may have missed:

Our daughter, Madeline Kate, was born on tax day. She was 5 pounds, 9.6 ounces, which is about what I weigh. She is really cute and falls alseep when we feed her. She’s currently staying at the hospital because she wanted to go to her baby shower, also on tax day, but then realized that she hadn’t fully developed her lungs yet. Maddie is what we call her and she is doing really well. Every day she makes more progress. She is breathing on her own and maintaining her body temperature, but still isn’t eating quite enough. If she could just to learn to eat like the rest of us Americans she could come home!

Mary is doing well too and I have to say, she was awesome; I am soo impressed with her. While in Triage she was allowed to labor for a while and I must say she appeared to be a seasoned pro. With each contraction she would totally relax to the point where you almost couldn’t tell that she was in pain. If Maddie wouldn’t have been backwards, it would have been a perfect natural childbirth.

Next thing. Holy cow it is soo crazy to watch someone cut your wife open and then pull a little blue alien out! I felt my fingers getting a little tingly and I had to remind myself to breath, relax, and unlock my knees; I then repositioned my chair directly behind myself.

I haven’t really had that AHA ! moment that so many new dads talk about. It’s probably because we haven’t actually brought our daughter home from the hospital yet. But what I have realized is that since she arrived I haven’t had any problems saying the word “cute.” In fact, everything is cute now, e.g. “those are cute little baby clothes”, “that little bow stuck to her head is so cute”, “those french fries are cute”, etc. I’ve also noticed the presence of phrases such as “that’s so sweet”, “she’s just darling”, and “melt-your-heart-out adorable.” What have I become?