QuickPost Plugin for WordPress

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QuickPost Plugin for WordPress

QuickPost is a plugin consisting of a bookmarklet which will be added to your links toolbar, and a blog editor triggered by the bookmarklet. The options are inspired by the Tumblr (http://www.tumblr.com) weblog system. It is a great service but it’s not Wordpress.

I tried to create this post using Quick Post but it broke miserably. I think it would be a really great addition to my plugin menagerie though. Maybe I’ll just leave it there, broken, in all of its glory, tempting me to post with it.

That reminds me of this stupid cabinet we have at our new house. We’ve been putting our trash can under the sink for a long time now. At the new house there’s not enough room for it, so instead it went to a nearby cabinet. What’s more is that the cabinet under the sink has a child safety lock on it. Every sing time I go to throw something away I head for that cabinet, open it, slam the cabinet on the plastic lock because I fogot it was there, say CRAP !, and then go to the other cabinet which actually contains the trash can.

So yes, this plugin will be like that until I find the time to fix it.

WordPress QuickPost Plugin