The System Is Down

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It’s funny that Steve just mentioned tweaking “The System”. I’ve been making some tweaks of my own and it’s nice to compare notes a little.

The System is a routine that transforms a soulless droid into a semi decent human being. I, like Steve, am mostly incapable of normal human interaction until said routine has been completed and sometimes not even then. Or so I thought.

Come to find out, I’m a little more adaptable than I realized. First it was Heather going back to work in the evenings. I had to start going into work an hour earlier. Of course I’d be watching Jameson until she got off. Alone! Gasp! Then it was staying up later at night to take a feeding. I know, sound crazy right? This all means less personal time which is super tough for me because I’m a selfish little bastard and I want time to myself to be a geek (and do geek things).

But here I am almost two weeks later and I’m doing just fine. A little tired for sure but I’m here to tell you, it can be done. Time to hit the sack.

Btw, kudos to you if you got the reference to Stronbad in the title.

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