/ Simple Design Tips for Non-Designers

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Garrett at YourTotalSite posted some great design tips last month that are just fantastic! I’ve actually used some of his tips, namely the one titled "Use a Variety of Colors," which I posted about earlier.

By the way, YourTotalSite is one of my favorite websites out there. I read it regularly (via Bloglines) but it is also one of the few website that I actually _visit_almost daily. The content and design are great.

Web design is an interestingly unique skill. Due to its infancy, it is a career in which many professionals have very little formal training. Designers may not have training in programming and programmers rarely have training in design. As much as I understand and appreciate design, I’m more of a programmer at heart. My design skills aren’t very impressive. I’ve picked up a few little tricks over the past few months that I thought others more inclined to programming may find useful.