Where'd All the Non-Geek Blogs Go? Send Help!

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Die Computer Die

I’ve been looking and looking for some good, non-geeky guy blogs but you know, it’s really hard to find good stuff like that nowadays. I checked out the 9rules Network, and I should probably look a little deeper, but again, GEEKS . Geeks are everywhere.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a geek. But I want to read some non-geek things. I don’t necessarily want to read a blog about one particular topic. I’d just like to hear other folks thoughts about life. If you’re blogging, and lurking, and have a blog about nothing in particular (especially NOT geek stuff) leave a comment below with your site. I’m especially interested in local bloggers, but that’s not a requirement. Check my upcoming link posts for my findings.

Photography by Kristi Evans