Ok You Got Me...Now What

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So I was recently reading the post 7 Signs That You’re Living in Denial on Dumb Little Man. Great Post. It got me on several points:

dl. I am above failure:I suppose I’ve failed a one or two times in the past but that’s basically negligible compared to others
If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself:That’s why I’m rewriting the entire post that I referenced (j/k)
Everyone else is wrong:That’s why I’m writing this post, to rebuttal the apparent fact that I am in denial

I think others would probably say that I’ve got all the other things going for me as well. I would pretty much agree on occassion. Maybe I’m the only one who sees them though. I am a firstborn after all.

At any rate. I think it would have been nice to follow up with at least a few tips regarding how to start dealing with the issues of denial. Of course “knowledge is half the battle”, but in my experience, the other 95% is just plain hard work and sacrifice.

Yes you’re right, that would equal 145%. And that’s how much effort I think it actually takes to change deep rooted ways of life. Trust me. I’ve been working hard at a couple of them for nearly a year, and they’re still showing up from time to time.