The Secret of Business Casual Attire

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Mary recently proved to me that I have not been dressing business casual, I have been dressing just casual. The good thing is that a casual dresser can easily become a business casual dresser with two minor enhancements. As a baseline, here’s what I used to consider “biz cas,” which is actually only “cas.”

  1. Dr. Martens
  2. Khakis
  3. Plaid shirts
  4. No tie

So here’s the secret. If you want to dress business casual, you just have to change your shoes and your shirt. How?

  1. Replace Dr. Martens with loafers
  2. Replace plaid with solid

That’s it. You still don’t have to wear a tie and from my research you don’t need pleats. In my case I’ll be wearing the tie but leaving my shirt untucked…