What I'm looking forward to in 2010

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This is shallow. It could be a deeply sentimental list of love and life, but it’s not. I’m talking pop-culture, surface-level, feel-good kinda shit. This is what I’m looking forward to in 2010, from a strictly entertainment standpoint.

  1. David Bazan. Yep, he’s playing at The Sail Inn on March 10. I will not miss this for anything.
  2. Lost Season 6. Wow it’s the conclusion to the entire show, which I absolutely love. Can’t wait.
  3. Blindside. Oh god I hope this one is better than the last three. C’mon guys, don’t let me down.
  4. Inception. Leonardo DiCaprio plus thought crime with sci-fi underpinnings. This should be a good.
  5. Iron Man 2. Um yeah. What more can I say. It’s gonna be hard to follow the first one though.

Should be a fun summer!

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