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I talked to Steve Stchur today, who authored an article on 4GuysFromRolla about a Survey control for that he created.  I was having some trouble getting the control to load at runtime so I sent him an email.  I was very surprised to hear back from him (and within an hour too) about what I could do to make it work.  It’s just reminds me how this whole industry started.  In the old days it was a bunch of folks sharing information, sharing ideas, being innovative, being a community.  That’s really cool.  Really geeky, but really cool.

So check out Steves WebSurvey Control, his website (kinda needs some help-Sorry Steve)a website he created and his articleon 4GuysFromRolla.  And make sure you get your ideas out there.  There are tons of people out there who are interested in what you have to say.