Behold the Shadow Bobber

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I’ve made some progress on the Honda Shadow bobber. Make sure to check it out to see some of the photos.

Original Samurai

So I’ve figured out what kind of motorcycle I really dig. It’s the classic bobber, fo sho. I love the stuff being built by Zero Engineering, Jbikez and Darwin Motorcycles (PG-13) although, by definition, they’re actually probably choppers:

A distinction should also be made between choppers and bobbers. While both tried to improve performance by removing any part that did not make the motorcycle perform better, they differed in an important way: bobbers kept the original factory frame, while choppers have a modified form of the factory frame.

When individuals were stripping their stock motorcycles and bobbing their fenders, the term “bobber” was born. When individuals started cutting (or chopping) and welding their frames thereby repositioning/restyling them, the term “chopper” was born. Chopping was the next phase in the evolution that followed dirt track bobbing.

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650 Bronze Bobber

The cool thing about bobbers is their emphasis on bare necessity and DIY . I like that because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a custom bike. I like it even more because they just look so dang nice.

Thus begins my quest to turn my Honda Shadow VT 600 into a Shadow Bobber. First thing I’ll do is take off the windshield, the front fender, the bags, and any unnecessary fiberglass that doesn’t require modification. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.