New Media

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Record companies make most of their money from CD sales so artists can’t stop selling the darn things. What’s more is that you need physical stuff to sell at shows—you can’t sell a download from a show because folks want to put stuff on, or throw it into their CD player. The rub is that everybody wants digital. It’s cheap, it’s instant, it’s easy. But it’s easy to steal and so the music industry continues to grab at their antiquated plastic discs in an attempt to protect their hard-earned cash. They’ve tried Digital Rights Management—methods aimed at protecting digital media from stealing—but because it is so restrictive it typically just makes people mad. Heck I’m still mad that I have to take extra measures to make MY purchased iTunes music easily transferable from PC to PC (I do own more than one). There has to be some middle ground—a physical media that is also a digital media…phygital if you will. But what will it be, and when will the old music industry begin to embrace the new media?