Maddie Dancing

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This post has stuff about politics and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I wanted to play with the sports mode on Mary’s camera. Madeline just happened to be dancing around in circles (as is the custom most mornings). I just held the button and let the Canon do its job. Once I saw that the result was decent—except for the lighting maybe—I thought that it would be a good candidate for an animated gif.

I know, I know. I am an ardent animated gif hater. But lets provide some context for that post. I was mainly condemning animated gifs as design elements, their overuse, and the usability concerns that come with big files (like the one I am about to show you). Animated gifs can be good fun and are still useful but for cying out loud don’t animate your logo!

Without further adieu, here is Maddie dancing. BTW , this is perfect for some serious remixing. I can image her running around the inside of a toilet bowl, for example. I won’t be offended. Oh and also a warning. If you watch this for a long time you will probably vomit.