Bajooter Update

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Bajooter seems to be going well. We have about five potential clients right now which is actually a lot since we can only handle about one and a half per month. I love seeing all our hard work beginning to pay off. In the past month we’ve registered our business with the state, opened a bank account and received our fancy business checks, networked like crazy, almost polished off a box of business cards, and joined the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce has a lot of great benefits that I hope we can really take advantage of. They post an ad for our company in the newspaper (and it’s a decent size too), we get listed in the Chamber directory, they hold leads meetings and mixers—they even get discounts on health care. So we’ll see how it goes. There are only a couple other website design companies who are members of the Chamber so it seems like it could be beneficial.

I think I will need to revisit our business plan soon. I had been going real strong on it but it’s kinda fallen by the wayside now. There are some really important things in it that I still need to address such as our income projections. That stuff is really good to think about and I learn so much in the process. The hardest thing for me has been the marketing section, although our friend Carrie has been helping us.

Oh and since everybody asks what a Bajooter is, it’s a neologism. ;)