Why I Don't Use DataSets in My ASP.NET Applications

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Scott Mitchell did this interesting article on why he doesn’t use DataSets. For those of you who don’t know, Scott is one of the most well known .NET developers out there and I really respect what he’s got to say.

The biggest thing I came away with was that if you know the specifics of the DataSet and DataReader you can selectively choose the one that best suits your needs for a specific scenario.

A couple weeks ago (April 19th) I gave a talk to the local San Diego ASP .NET SIG and during my talk I mentioned how I, personally, rarely, if ever, use DataSets in my ASP .NET applications, sticking with the good ol’ DataReader instead. Since then I have received a number of emails from attendees asking me why I don’t use DataSets. Rather than responding to each questioner individually, I decided to write this article explaining my rationale. Read on to learn why I am a DataReader man all the way.